French Beauty {My Take}




Last year I went to Paris, I had always wanted to go to Paris and the city of lights quickly grew into a city I can’t quite shake. I knew I would love Paris but I wasn’t quite ready for all the feels Paris gave me. It truly felt like it could be home and I wasn’t there for nearly as long as I’d wanted to be. It is kind of amazing how quickly you can become immersed into a city or place without having to be there for very long. I appreciated so many facets of Paris and I fell for the effortless style and beauty of Parisian women.

While I am not a Parisphile by any sense of the word; I have tendency to squeal when I see Parisian items as though I just saw a fluffy basket of puppies.
Like many women, I think there is this desire to appear perfectly imperfect; being able to put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and look effortlessly chic and I, myself have failed tremendously at looking perfectly imperfect but thought it would be fun to re-create my take of French beauty & fashion.I recently got bangs. I have a love/hate relationship with bangs and honestly I am really regretting them BUT I think the bangs might work in my favor for this particular piece. I feel like every chic French woman I see has these gorgeous tossled thick bangs that blend perfectly into her tossled bed-head hair. However my bangs have grown out a bit and were never the thickness of how I wanted them (they never are when I decide to get bangs) but I will make due with what God and my stylist gave me.

The Hair
I will admit my hair is best 2, 3, shoot, 4 day dirty hair. It holds style like molded clay and just oozes sex appeal. Sometimes. For my attempt at this tossled hair look worn by so many women all over the world, I usually take random sections and loosely wrap them around my curling iron I’ve had since I was 21 (which means it’s old). For the most part this is a pretty normal hair routine for me. Adding some curl to add a little depth to my hair. To make sure there is some wave and grit I add some texture spray or a beach spray to add more of a wave and less of a curl, and I don’t let it cool before I break the curl apart. The art of creating that beachy tossled hair is to make it look organic. When you have come from the beach and your hair has that amazing wave from the salt water and wind- that is what you are trying to strive for. No hair is perfectly going the same way when it is organic, there is movement, and no order and everything is going a different direction. Sounds like life. Once I feel like I have the right texture I rake my fingers through gently and add some more texture spray. I have this dry shampoo paste which is great. I don’t recommend this is used for a traditional dry shampoo but as a product to add texture and that gritty feeling then this a winner. For my hair in the video I actually was kind of happy with it, it had some texture and I added some texture dry shampoo paste which added the look I was kind of going for.

The Face

You’d think by now, at my age I would have a beauty routine that works like magic. I don’t. I am constantly looking for something that works perfectly for me and on my quest to find that holy grail of beauty products I have picked up a few items that I do use on a regular basis.

Right now I am on a mission to find a routine for skin prep. I have super sensitive skin so there are a lot of products I find recommended that just don’t work for my skin. I either breakout or end up with a rash. So right now I am limited to items. I am a HUGE fan of Glossier products and I started using their Milk Jelly cleanser which is super light and gentle which I like. It’s treating my skin with respect. I also use Glossiers The Supers serums which I take their Super Glow and Super Pure and mix them together which I like. I also have used their original Prep and Prime Moisturizer but their came out with their rich version which I have been using. Both are terrific and for summer I recommend the original because it is much lighter; but the rich is terrific as my skin has been a little dryer than normal. I also use their new SPF because like I said, my skin is super sensitive and I burn very easy. If you want to learn more about Glossiers product check out my last post on their products here . 

For makeup I have notice French women are quiet minimal with makeup which works great for me. I have never been someone who loves a full face of makeup. I love makeup I love playing with makeup and I love wearing makeup. But for a day to day look I like to keep it incredibly low key. For foundation right now I am using the Glossier Perfecting Skin tint in medium. This is not heavy at all, it is very light coverage so you can still see my skin, my little imperfections and my freckles which I have grown to appreciate. This product just evens everything out to make your skin just look a little more perfectly imperfect which is what we are going for, right? I am also using Glossiers stretch concealer under my eyes, my nose and on any little blemishes I want to spot treat.

I don’t add much bronzer because I have noticed that it’s not used as much but I do add a little blush for a pretty flushed color. The color I really like is from Maybelline. t’s a bit like a cream blush which for me is great as my cheeks can be a little dry and this looks more youthful. My brows are my thing. In the sense that I do zero to them. I don’t shape them to often I never get them waxed, plucked or threaded. They are au natural and I love them. They have a natural arch which I love and they are thick which I also think is rad. So, the only thing I do is drag some BoyBrow from Glossier through them to make them look a little more ragged and chic and just fill in some small gaps. I add some mascara that lengthens and separates to make them look more authentic. Now, when it comes to the lip I see different variations. I see loads of red lips, neutral lips and some gorgeous vibrant lips. What I did was sort of do a cross between a more natural/red lip. I used a red lipstick I had and patted it on the lip, then took my finger and tapped any excess color off so my lips just look bitten or like I ate some strawberries, then I add a little balm to them to give them a more glistened look.

I spritz my favorite perfume, Eau Duelle by Diptyque (French, Obviously) and now we move onto the body.

The Body

As I’ve recently been told by unsolicited commentary “you’re not fat, just full figured” I may not fit the mold of French beauty. I am well aware of my size but that doesn’t mean I can’t rock this shit. It’s Summer and I am perpetually in Fall so I chose a uniform that I wear often but sort of jazzed it up and went a little Summer the best that I can with something I find to be fairly French.

I have these cropped frayed jeans with a bell at the end. I love them, they are so comfortable and work in fall with a pair of higher ankle boots but also are super great for summer with a pair of sneakers or sandals. For this look I paired the jeans with a t-shirt, a scarf I got at a Flea Market which remind me of pure old sophistication which I tied around my neck. I added my favorite leather jacket, even though it’s summer I still love this fucking thing. It makes anything look 10 times cooler, I also added a easy bag and my super comfy walkers. I added my white Keds because they are what I had handy at the moment. My other favorites; which I walked all over Europe in were why white Superga sneakers which are dirty because I worn them to the beach and got stuck in the mud. I find this outfit great for just walking around, heading to the grocery store, meeting friends for lunch or stopping off at the museum. I also thought I’d change it up a little for evening.

Lets pretend I wanted to go out in Paris for cocktails with friends. Lets change these jeans and this look for an evening out. I added a blazer to this look, changed the t-shirt to this black cami with a lace bralet underneath. Tucked the cami in a little, added a simple necklace but kept the scarf. Changed my bag to a chic clutch, added my favorite black Tory Burch suede pumps. Pulled my hair up and added a kissable lip and head out on the town.

Now, I may have missed this mark on some ideas of the French beauty/fashion but I’d like to thing I did some things right and I will say I’d be pretty comfortable walking through Paris with these steps.

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